Wednesday, 18 September 2013

FORBES 2013 Youngest Billionaires

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With much anticipation of who will be the youngest billionaire in the world has been a quest, finally Forbes has released the 2013 Youngest Billionaires list comprising 400 top rated individuals. The age range is from 20s to 40s and they really young to be billionaires :P

The youngest member is Dustin Moskovitz. The 29-year-old Facebook cofounder has been the youngest billionaire in the country since he first appeared on the list in 2010. This year his net worth has nearly doubled to $5.3 billion, thanks to his 5% stake in the ubiquitous social network. (

After going through the top 20, undeniably the IT kings are ruling with their invention especially social media networks. This shows how social media is so powerful enough to generate multi-billion dollar income for such companies and stabilize their respective countries economically.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Beliefs are the foundations of human life

That determines the altitude of one's strife

The deeper your belief's are the higher you go

The stronger your beliefs the faster you grow

By connecting you to the super consciousness

The fountain of abundance and reservoir of all

Giving you the infinite source of great horsepower

Making you a noble divinity for a higher cause

To rule this universe in the name of the Lord

And it all begins with your mighty key of belief

That gives you a belief system that you are made up of

A continuous command that you are born great

In God's image to create, preserve and destroy

No matter what, you can do it if you belief in it

For this belief is the greatest choice of fire in you

To ignites the emotion of infinite eternal energy

That you can make it positive or negative

To either make this world or destroy this universe

And without this feelings you are like the dead wood

A human skeleton waiting for your turn to the grave

6.30am Friday 2nd August 2013, Shah Alam 
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By Dr Raken Corporate Trainer & Lecturer at PIIC_ Putra Intelek International College

Sunday, 21 April 2013

E-tailers: Tips, Trends, and Reasons E-Commerce is About to Boom

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Its about E-commerce ...

It’s no secret that online shopping has become a booming business—virtually everything under the sun is available for online purchase in today’s e-market, and most items bought online can be on your doorstep within a matter of one day. With the success of brick and mortar retailers taking their wares to the web, it’s no small wonder then that some businesses are dispensing with brick and mortar storefronts all together, and setting up shop in the web space only. E-tailer titans like Amazon, E-bay, and Zappos are notorious for blazing the e-commerce trail, but from a business perspective, some of the more interesting developments in online retail are cropping up among smaller players.

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