Putra Intelek International College (PIIC)
(5 star-rated and Top 23 Colleges in Malaysia, awarded by Ministry of Higher Education)

1) Diploma in Risk Management
2) Diploma in Information Technology
3) Diploma in Logistics Management
4) Diploma in Forensic Computing
5) Diploma in Digital Security
6) Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship 
7) Diploma in Accounting 

European Institute for Risk Management

1) Certified Risk Associate (Online Course)
2) Certificate in Forensic Computing
3) Certificate in Digital Entrepreneurship


  1. Hello, Risk Management sounds interesting but I want to know if i take the course..then after I graduate..what course should I take in Degree programme and is it local or abroad...

  2. Hai, you can take up the course and continue your degree in business management from Middlesex University of London. It can be done locally as the programme is 3+0, and through our collaboration, after Diploma in Risk Management you will be able to enter into second year of the degree programme.

    If you need further assistance, please dont hesitate to call us. Thank you

    1. Hai, about the second year Degree Proggramme. I want to know that Putra Intelek International School offers the only three proggramme stated as above or more since the school collab with Middlesex University of London..

    2. As stated above, we only offer three (3) specialized programmes from Middlesex University of London. All programmes are 3+0.

  3. kesemuanya kos yang sangat menarik untuk diambik
    hope adik adik pilih keputusan yang baek